16 Nov

RY-FD2600-58 Turner


RY-FD2600-58 Wheel Compost Turner is a special fertilizer turning machine which can be apply on the sticky substrate like livestock and poultry manure, sludge, distiller’s grains, slag etc.. The machine can turning over the substrate uniformly, piling the windrow, but also loose the plate caking in the fermented base. It is a necessary machine for the environmental friendly treatment of livestock and poultry dung, and treating to organic fertilizer. Ground Self-propelled Tuner ,was designed by the theory of Aerobic fermentation, enable the fermentation strain has enough space to implement its function, the machine has the features of small investment, low energy consumption, fast and large fertilizer productivity, greatly save the construction and labor cost. The machine moved by 4 wheels,can move forward, backward. In the process of moving, the machine riding above the fertilizer length windrow, while the reamer attached beneath the perform flipping turn, fluffy, shifting pile, leave the turned fertilizer length windrow behind.

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