16 Nov

RF-KLJ-260 Granulator

The pellet granulator is a new type of pellet feed machinery, which has absorbed the essence of granulator at home and abroad, and is a new energy saving product. In the past, the feed was usually processed into powder and fed.


The pellet granulator is a new type of pellet feed machinery, which has absorbed the essence of granulator at home and abroad, and is a new energy saving product. In the past, the feed was usually processed into powder and fed. There were some shortcomings, such as inconvenient feeding, poor palatability, selective feeding of livestock and low utilization rate. With the advent and popularization of new small-scale pellet feed machinery, powder feed can now be easily processed into pellet feed. It is easy to adjust the length of the particles. It has simple structure, small floor area and low noise. It can be operated by 220 volts single-phase electricity. It is suitable for small farmers who lack three-phase electric conditions.

After processing into pellet feed, it has many advantages: the machine can make pellets by using axle drive without belt, using high-tech technology, more foresight than the original belt drive, this machine does not need any water to make pellets, belongs to the kind of dry in and out. When we make it, we use it for small-scale farming. At the same time, the granules can be kept for a long time. It is not a problem for more than half a year.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of feed granulator:
First, because the granular machine produced by our company is precise bearing drive, which guarantees high efficiency of power input while eliminating power loss in belt drive of granular machine. The granular machine of precision bearing gearbox is directly connected with granular machine, so that the granular machine has more power and lower power loss in the process of operation. There are many precision bearing parts in the gearbox of the granulator that need lubrication. When the granulator is received, 4L gear oil is added to the granulator. Different kinds of oil may add different amounts.

Secondly, the granulator just received will not reach the normal output, which is a normal phenomenon, because the granulator is all new machines, the granulator just running has not reached the operating state. After the machine is used for a period of time, all parts of the granulator run into the state, the granulator’s output and output quality will reach the state, please understand.

1. Feed granulator output is too low or even no granulation or a lot of powder, although this problem does not often occur, but if it occurs, it shows that you did not grind the grinding wheel and grinding disc well in the grinding process of the granulator. The reason for similar problems may also be poor grinding hole finish of the grinding disc when it was first used, grinding the grinding disc well with abrasives or after a period of use. The output of granulator will reach normal output.

2. Feed moisture content is not mastered well will also affect the granulator’s discharge. The moisture content in raw materials should be mastered at 13%-20%, because the granulator has the function of drying and ripening. The moisture content in raw materials will be dried during the granulator’s pressing process. The granular materials pressed by the granulator can be packed in bags after 5-10 minutes’shade drying under normal temperature conditions.

3. The excessive gap between the press wheel and the grinding disc of the granulator may also be one of the reasons for the granulator not to be unexpected. The method of adjusting the gap between the press wheel and the grinding disc is to twist the press wheel with one hand, adjust the corresponding bolts, and adjust the pressure wheel on both sides to be unsteady and slightly tight, which means that the press wheel and the grinding disc have been adjusted in place.

These reasons may be the basic reasons for the non-granulation. In the face of the problems often occurring in the feed granulator, our solution is very simple. First, we need to optimize the grinding hole, let it work for a period of time to adapt to the environment, then it can be solved. If the feed moisture is too much, it can only be dried, if the moisture is too little, it needs to be added water. The drying and ripening function of the granulator can be brought into full play only when the raw materials are kept in a certain moisture content, and the discharge of the granulator can be very smooth.

The noise of normal operation and mass production of our small-scale feed granulator is very low. The main reason is the sound of the machine when it is running. This is a normal phenomenon. If there is noise in the operation of the granulator and accompanied by clicking noise, the power should be cut off in time. It is necessary to check whether the bearings and components are loosened or not immediately. Whether there are impurities on the surface, such as small iron nails and small stones doped in the raw materials, which affect the normal use of the granulator, should be cleaned up in time.

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