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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Machine


Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Machine



1.Reverse osmosis is a kind of membrane separation technology developed since the 1980s.

2.It mainly uses the osmosis principle if semi-transparent membrane. A pressure that is called reverse osmosis.

3.The device that is composed of reverse osmosis components is called reverse osmosis device.


Primary and secondary reverse osmosis+EDI

1.Applied in areas where the salinity of raw water is high;

2.Good electric conductivity of water produced;

3.Low investment;

4.Low operating cose;

5.Good stability.



Technical characteristics 

1. Modularity design, compact structure.

2. System can choose thermal disinfection RO membrane and thermal disinfection EDI; the whole system can realize on-line hot water disinfection.

3. Double softener can achieve series connections by using the valve group and generation alternatively.

4. Feed water pump.1st stage high pressure pump and 2nd stage high pressure pump are all controlled by frequency.

5. System terminal water production uses a dual supply mode

6. Using the middle water storage tank as the buffer tank to realize cleaning on-line, dispensing with separate cleaning system.

7. Making stainless steel tube directly tensile bending in the pipeline as far as possible, avoid welding.

8. For the connection of the pipeline and the spare parts, it adopts the arc to protect the automatic welding track, and to ensure the welding quality

9. Control system: PLC automatic control technology

10. Recording mode: You can choose the paperless recorder for paperless records and also the paper record the key parameters in real time

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