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Automatic Yam Flour Processing Machine Poundo Yam Flour Line


Automatic Yam Flour Processing Machine Poundo Yam Flour Line Nigeria

Product introduction:
In Nigeria, though yams can be consumed by boiling, roasting and processed to yield Amala (especially in the South western part of the country), it can also be processed into the production of instant yam flour.
The process of producing instant yam flour is quite simple; it involves slicing, parboiling, drying and milling of the product to yield flour
The process is washing–peeling–cutting–blanching–drying–fine flour milling and packing:

· Washing:the yam tubers are washed properly in order to get rid of sand and other extraneous materials.
· Peeling and slicing:the washed yam tubers are peeled and then sliced to desired thickness.
· Parboiling:the sliced yam are then put into boiling water over a period of time depending on the thickness of the slices.
· Drying:the parboiled yam slices are dried in a dryer at a specified drying temperature and time.
· Fine flour milling:the dried yam slices are milled directly into flour of uniform particle size.
· Packaging:the instant pounded yam flour is the finally packaged in moisture proof nylon bags.

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