16 Nov

2BMQF-6/12A Seeder


This product can effectively solve the problems of straw winding, congestion and difficult crushing by using a new ditcher technology with a hay knife (patent No. ZL201220208974.5) to crush and destroy stubble, furrow sowing, fertilization and pressing ridge of the former stubble plant at one time. The stubble is separated on the ridge after crushing, and the fined soil is beneficial to seed implantation, which ensures that the former stubble can be crushed. Seedling emergence rate and conservation tillage have been welcomed by farmers.
On the basis of the great success of wheat seeding under No-tillage and anti-winding fertilization, the precision seeding technology was successfully installed on the no-tillage fertilizer seeder through research and experiment, which realized multi-purpose and precision seeding of maize, soybean, sorghum, millet and other crops, reduced the cost of machine purchasing and improved the utilization rate of machine tools. The machine has been successfully developed and put into mass production. The machine realizes double operation, stubble killing, ditching, soil crushing, fertilization, sowing and suppression at one time. It can realize deep fertilization and furrow planting, greatly reducing the labor intensity of farmers’friends. Maize plant spacing is adjusted from 135 mm to 269 mm, soybean plant spacing is adjusted from 98 mm to 196 mm, or planted directly in wide and narrow rows in seed boxes, which can meet different agronomic requirements and produce good economic and social benefits.

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